About Us

Greetings from Fadstock, India’s first online budget fashion store!
We, Fadstock, a unit of Ki and Kri Shopping Solutions, welcome you to the platform of simplicity presented in a style. We pledge to offer you a quality shopping experience above all.

Who are we?

We are a group of people striving to make a change in consumer’s buying pattern for fashion essentials. Fadstock, a brand of Ki and Kri Shopping Solutions, launched to change the online market perception of selling fashion products. We originated from the capital of India, have promised to ourselves and now promising to our customers that we will lead to the change we are striving for.

Where are we heading?

As we stated Fadstock, a platform of simplicity presented in a style. What being simple means to us is that we value the core of what we do, what we serve. We are here to serve your fashion needs as smoothly possible, without dipping you in the tensed water. We want you to be fashionable as you want, in your every budget. We want to change your perception that to be in trend needs not much money. Being trendy is an art what we help you with. It’s nothing to do with the amount of money. Fashion is not about how much you spend, it’s about how you feel being in it. We strive to pass the feeling to you through easing your shopping for every fashion essentials. We are pledged to showcase every kind of fashion products at a very reasonable price. Then, it will not about price, it will about feel.

Why Us?

We know that you have various options to buy your fashion products. We value your knowledge but as we new to the market, you must give us a chance to know us. It doesn’t matter how much we say we are different or how we are different, our words will attain values when our customers support that. We are working hard to achieve that privilege. 

Although we point out some things to add some confidence to your first purchasing with us, from second onwards, we know you will not need any external confidence support.

  • We stick with our value to provide you, a smooth fashion shopping experience.

  • We value your hard earned money and want it spent smartly.

  • We strive to provide you the best fashion products available in the market at every price segment.

  • We are growing fast and expanding our product lines to every fashion products available in the market. One stop for fashion essentials soon. 

Why to wait now!!